Butterfly Dance Videos

Traditional Native American indian butterfly dance ceremonyNative American Hopi Ceremonial Butterfly Dance
A traditional Native American yearly social dance for bringing good health and longevity. The dance also celebrates the butterfly for its beauty and contribution in pollinating plant life.

Artistic illuminated butterfly light artButterfly LED Light Performance
A beautiful LED light display classical music performance featuring dancers whirling around stage with illuminated butterfly costumes along.

Artistic butterfly design symbol circleLadies Fancy Shawl Dance ('The Butterfly Dance')
Native American ladies fancy shawl ceremonial dance also known as the butterfly dance because of the legend that goes along with it.

Two Monarch Butterflies dancing The Butterfly Lovers - A Chinese Legend
Considered to be China's version of "Romeo and Juliet", the butterfly lovers is a famous Chinese legend. The video potrays the visuals of the stroy along with the beautiful orchestrated 'butterfly lovers' song.

Hip Hop Butterfly DancingHow To Do The Hip Hop Butterfly Dance
Simple step by step fun and easy instructional videos by professional dance instructors teaching you the dance steps for the hip hop Butterfly dance.