Instructional "How-To" Butterfly Related Videos

Folded paper origami butterfliesHow To Make Origami Butterflies
Follow these simple instructions to learn how to make an original paper Origami Butterfly by folding paper a certain way.

Hip Hop Butterfly DancingHow To Do The Hip Hop Butterfly Dance
Simple step by step fun and easy instructional videos by professional dance instructors teaching you the dance steps for the hip hop Butterfly dance.

Swimming the butterfly strokeHow To Swim The Butterfly Stroke
A video will show you how to swim the butterfly stroke, which is one of the most difficult but beautiful swimming techniques.

Colorful baked butterfly cake designHow To Make A Butterfly Cake
Video with instructions for preparing, baking and decorating a colorful butterfly cake for birthdays or any other special occassion.

Butterfly artwork drawing butterfly sketchHow To Draw A Butterfly
Learn how to draw a butterfly with these simple video tutorial giving you step by step instructions to draw butterflies using any medium you choose.

cut out Paper Butterflies wall arts and craftsHow To Make Cut-Out Paper Butterfly Wall Art
Do It Yourself instructions for creating unique colored butterflies cut out of paper for decorative wall decor or any creative arts and crafts project.

Butterfly Kick Acrobatic move - butterfly kung-fu martial arts techniqueHow To Do A Butterfly Kick (Advanced)
Tutorial video with step-by-step instructions on how to preform the acrobatic Butterfly Kick, or B-kick, which is a great beginner move and also a kung-fu martial arts technique.

Butterflied meatHow To "Butterfly" Meat - Cooking Technique
A video with simple instructions on how to 'butterfly' any piece of meat. Butterflying is a cooking preperation technique which has several benefits.

Butterfly garden plants attracting butterfliesHow To Create A Butterfly Garden
Learn how to make a butterfly garden or turn your backyard into a butterfly sanctuary with tips on planting flowers that will attract butterflies.

Monarch buttefly wing repairHow To Repair A Butterfly Wing (Advanced)
Instructions for repairing or replacing a broken or missing butterfly wing. Butterflies with damaged wings are unable to fly, but this procedure can help to restore the butterfly's flight.