Butterfly Transformation

Personal Devolopment, Self Empowerment
Personal Growth and Spiritual Transformation

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." The metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly embodies the principle of Physical and Spiritual transformation." ~ Trina Paulus

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colorful abstract butterfly artThe 5 Stages of Life Transformation
Someone once said, "There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." This quote illustrates the change process perfectly. The butterfly represents a thing of great beauty. A butterfly completely transforms itself from a comfortable cocoon into a radiant entity with wings. You are like a beautiful butterfly waiting to be re-born and transformed.

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illuminated butterfly clipart The Path of Illumination
Change is a mythological journey, where we hear the call; go with uncertainty into unknown dangers, until we finally find our way home.

Butterfly Metamorphosis and Spiritual Transformation
The metaphysical meaning of the butterfly transformation and how it relates to a spiritual metamorphisis.

White Butterfly on FlowerMetamorphosis - The Science of Change
Metamorphosis seems like the ultimate evolutionary magic trick.
The amazing transformation of one creature into a totally different being: one life, two bodies. This amazing video explores the science behind metamorphosis. How does it happen and why?
And might it even, in some way, happen to us?

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Butterfly in pond ripple Butterfly Spiritual Meaning
Discover the spiritual essense of the butterfly, the meaning of each color, and the symbolism of the butterfly animal spirit guide.

blue butterfly on ground Walk With A Butterfly - Spiritual Insights
Take an enlightened walk with a beautiful butterfly as you listen to guided meditative insights and spiritual messages.

illuminated butterfly dark lightButterflies inspire new LED illumination technology
(NaturalNews) An ingenious method of efficiently emitting light has come from a unique inspiration: butterflies.

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