Butterfly Music

Music inspired by the butterfly and songs with butterfly in the title/lyric. Genres include pop, modern contemporary, inspirational/uplifting, alternative and classic rock, indie, ecclectic/new age, dance, hip hop, techno/electronic, country, folk music, celtic/irish, instrumental and classical/orchestra.

Golden brown glowing butterfly art

She's A Butterfly

{Country, contemporary, pop}

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Butterflies In Jars - Blues Mama

{Blues, soul/rock, mellow}

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The Song Of The Butterfly

{Inspirational, new age/ecclectic/indie, instrumental}

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Fly Butterfly - Judy Esther

{Instrumental, relaxing, solo piano}

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Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

{Contemporary, inspirational, Christian}

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Butterfly - Eli Secody

{native american, new age/ecclectic/indie, inspirational}

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Butterfly Friend - AllGregory

{folk rock, inspirational, mellow}

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Space Butterfly Theme Song - Ray Wonder

{dance/techno, chill, upbeat}

Butterfly Dance - Yanni

{Instrumental, new age, upbeat}

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Butterfly Dance (Jayline Remix) - Java

{dance, trance, chill}

Golden brown butterfly

Love Is Like A Butterfly - Dolly Parton

{country, relaxing, solo guitar}

Golden brown butterfly

The Elusive Butterfly - Bob Lind

{60;s, rock, folk}

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The Butterfly - Orison

{Instrumental, Celtic, new age}

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Butterfly Illumination - Ferri

{Electronic, new age/ecclectic, relaxing}

Butterfly - Mariah Carey

{Contemporary, pop, inspirational}

Butterfly Butterfly (last hurrah) - A-Ha

{Contemporary/alternative rock, pop, new wave}

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The Butterfly - Celtic Woman

{Celtic, instrumental, contemporary/folk, new age}

Butterfly artistic

Butterfly Child - Tara Shannon

{Inspirational, country, contemporary}

Butterfly arts

Wings of a Butterfly - Jimmy Scott

{Inspirational, Christian/faith, contemporary}

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Butterfly Waltz - Brian Crain

{Instrumental, relaxing, solo piano}

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Butterfly - Ayumi Hamasaki

{Techno/electronic, dance, pop}

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The Butterfly Song - Paul Alexander

{Inspirational, contemporary Christian, relaxing}

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Butterfly Dance - Seneca Tribe

{contemporary, country, inspirational}

Butterfly golden illuminated art

Butterfly Fly Away - Miley Cyrus

{contemporary, country, inspirational}

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The Butterfly -The Pale

{Alternative/indie rock, reggae}

Butterfly artistic

Butterfly - Danyel Gerard

{Folk rock, french rock, upbeat}

golden butter fly

Butterfly (come my lady) - Crazy Town

{Alternative rock, hip hop, rap-rock}

Artistic brown butter fly

Butterfly Lover - Violi;.ln Concerto Music

{Classical/orchestra, instrumental, solo violin}

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The Butterfly - The Irish Experience

{Celtic, upbeat, instrumental}

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Butterfly Songs For Kids
Entertaining and educational butterfly music

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