Butterfly Legends & Lore

Legendary stories, Mythology, and Butterfly Folklore from various cultures around the world. Learn about the spiritual meaning and symbolism that is often associated with butterflies.

A Papago Legend
red butterfly brown background art

A delightful native american indian legend about the creation of the animals on earth and how the unique butterfly creature came to be.

Shoshone Ladies Fancy Shawl Dance
Green butterfly violet background art

A legend from the Shoshone tribe about the butterfly and its symbol of renewal and the origin of the butterfly dance.

The White Butterfly - Japanese Legend
Purple butterfly green background art

An echanting butterfly folklore tale from Japan about the nature and transformational power of love.

The Butterfly Lovers
Pink butterfly blue background art

A legendary short story from China about two butterfly lovers and their journey together.

Lanape Butterfly Creation Story
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A variation of the butterfly creation myth (papango legend) about the creation of the butterfly in the Lanape tradition.

Native American Myths
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About the spirit and symbolism of the butterfly in native american culture.

Legends Behind Butterfly Colors
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Seeing a butterfly of a specific color (epsecially if it lands on you!) could be a sign of good luck or an omen of something to come. Here is a list of legends and mythical associations with each colored butterfly.

Butterfly Symbolism
multicolored butterflies patterns

The symbolic meaning of the butterfly in various cultures and mythologies from around the world, including the spiritual meaning and symbolism associated with the butterfly.

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