Planning a Butterfly Party The Kids Will Love!

colored butterflies clipart images What party theme would be better for a young girl than butterflies? From pastel-colored decorations and snacks to butterfly crafts and games, this party is guaranteed to please both young and old.

While the theme of butterflies has been a recent trend in weddings and showers, it has always been a kid-pleaser. A butterfly cake and party-goer-decorated butterfly cookies provide the sweets, and finger sandwiches and fresh fruit with dip round out the menu. Gifts for a butterfly birthday girl are guaranteed to have a special place in her heart, and suggestions for those follow.

When planning any party you will want to start with the invitations. Obviously, you know the theme is going to be butterflies so you'd like your invitations to be related to butterflies. A great way to create your own invitations is by simply getting pastel-colored construction paper. Fold the paper in half and cut out a butterfly shape as best as you can. It often helps to find a large image online and print it out and then trace it onto a piece of cardboard and cut that out. You can then use the cardboard as the template for the construction paper. Then on the inside (or outside) have message about the party. A message like the following could work quite well:

I saw a butterfly, way up in the sky. On gossamer wings, it flew right by. It's coming to a party on the 3rd of May. Please come join us on my special day.

Don't forget to include the details of when, where, what time and to RSVP. Of course, if you don't have time to create a card from scratch you can always show at your local card-store or online party-store to find pre-made butterfly invitations.

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