Wow A Butterfly!

blue morph butterfly Okay, I am sure that you clicked on this title out of curiosity. Wow a butterfly; what would a butterfly have to do with self help content? And you are right. Not a thing! But it is the phrase that my daughter used when she saw a butterfly while playing outside. She said it with so much excitement that I could not help but feel excited for her too.

Now, I know it sounds kind of cute. But, what I am trying to communicate is that children seem so happy because they are overall excited. They get excited with a toy, an animal, a game, a hug, a friend etc. They are happy to just wake up another day; they have so much to look forward to (anything).

As adults we can also appreciate the beauty of a butterfly but, I am not quite sure we would get so excited. We have seen butterflies more times than them but, most importantly life in general gets on our way not allowing us to have enough time to contemplate. Those who even dare to dream out loud are often discouraged by peers. Why? We have all bought in to this notion that life is hard. Which is partly true but, everything is not terrible. Sometimes we overlook the good things.

Butterfly and passion flower So what should you do about it? Follow your dreams, be open to new experiences, make new friends, stand up for your beliefs, have hobbies etc. If you follow these simple tips you will soon have some excitement and happiness in your life.

Spice it up a little.

Article Source/Author: by Kenia Morales |