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black clipart butterfly symbol In the life cycle of a butterfly, it starts out as an egg that turns into a caterpillar. Then it becomes a cocoon before it turns into a beautiful creature capable of fluttering free through the skies. The beauty of the butterfly and its unique metamorphosis are the most noticeable characteristics of this creature. For some people, butterflies mean soul, change, and transformation.

Here are some of the most common beliefs and symbolisms associated with butterflies:

In Chinese culture, butterflies symbolize having long life and men who are in love often use the image of the butterfly to show this in letters or on other items. The Japanese have such great reverence for butterflies that the image is often incorporated into the family's crest. The butterfly for them means marital bliss and the vibrancy of youth.

In Greek mythology, butterflies are meant to show the souls of loved ones. In Russia and for Irish people as well, butterflies are seen as souls of people waiting to pass through purgatory. There is a town in Mexico where Monarch butterflies migrate, and when swarms of butterflies appear, they celebrate this as the Day of the Dead.

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In all of these beliefs, three things are common in their belief about what butterflies mean transformation, change, and a new and better life. Butterflies go through many different stages in their lives before truly blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. The transformation, change and renewal of their lives can be synonymous to the life of a person. Just as when a person undergoes changes and faces difficulty and not so beautiful phases in their life, what happens next is that all these things are then transformed into a learning experience where the person grows and changes for the better. Just as the butterfly leaves behind its cocoon and transforms from a low crawling creature, the person now reaches his full potential is able to reach new heights.

The mystery and perception of people about butterflies will never seem to change. People attach themselves to not just the beauty but their belief in what the butterflies symbolize. So next time you see a butterfly, you can start to wonder whether a loved one who passed away is just nearby, or a special message and blessing is being sent to you. Whichever you think it might be, the butterfly is truly one of Mother Nature's most beautiful, most amusing, and most mystifying creature of all. It is a living creature that deserved to be protected and revered by all.

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